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Creative Riot is excited to announce that we’ll be offering limited edition products ranging from gift wrap and art to apparel and accessories. To celebrate the holiday season we created 12 custom gift wrap designs that will be availble this month only! You can contact us for orders or buy some in person this weekend at the Holiday Market at the Farm at South Mountain (December 20), or the Raising Arizona Market (December 21). Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see what we’ll be launching next @creative.riot.

Today, you can enter to win our entire set of custom gift wrap just in time for the holidays! Simply fill out the form to the right and one winner will be announced on Instagram on Wednesday, December 7 and contacted via e-mail. 


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This past week, we've been enjoying a little reconnaissance of our (hometown) the great state of Arizona. We've been finding a ton of inspiration in the people, nature and art of Arizona and we hope that you do to after reading our top 10 list of most inspiring things AZ! 


Arizona may not be known as a shopping destination but we have a killer vintage clothing scene. Desert Vintage, located in Tucson, is internationally known for it’s elegant southwest aesthetic and beautifully curated selection and instagram account. We love how modern and fashion forward they make vintage clothing look.


Camelback Flowershop is a dreamy, lush wonderland of florals, art and local goods. Theresa Wilson has created the most idyllic experience for her customers and she’s one of our favorite Valley tastemakers because of it.


There is no shortage of delicious cocktails and restaurants in this town but our very favorite indulgences are Crudo, FnB, and anything Chris Bianco is involved with.


The Arizona desert is a mystical and breathtakingly beautiful place with countless trails and parks to explore but Antelope Canyon is our top pick for most inspiring desert adventures.


Arizona is home to some of the most popular models in the world. Thanks to The Agency Arizona, several local beauties have been featured in Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Celine ad campaigns in recent years. We are huge fans of Natalie Westling and Kelly Mittendorf who got their start in Phoenix. 


One of our favorite movies of all time was filmed in Arizona. If you haven’t seen the 1976 version of A Star is Born featuring Babs, then you should rent it immediately - it’s wonderful!


Some of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most iconic buildings belong to Arizona. Taliesin West is a particular favorite of tourists and locals alike. Learn more about the property here.


We’ve got ghost towns a plenty but Bisbee is beyond special. The old mining town turned artist community has an eclectic, historic and spooky vibe that we love. The antique shopping is also great and Cafe Roka is a must try.


We have some of the most stunning resorts in the west. From the Royal Palms and Hermosa Inn to Canyon Ranch and The Sanctuary, our luxury escapes provide the best food and views in the state.


Phoenix Art Museum is a special place chock full of noteworthy works of art. The Yayoi Kusama “Firefly” room is a special experience and the “Lush Spring” acrylic painting by Helen Frankenthaler is magnificent.


Dry Heat Tee

Celebrate your native state by adding this Creative Riot custom Arizona tee to your closet! The dreamy sorbet tones of our desert were the main inspiration for this graphic print. Get em' while they're hot... 


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We’re excited to announce our latest passion project we call Riot Vibes.

Riot Vibes is a weekly editorial feature that will highlight our diverse collection of inspirations. We make a valiant effort to not compartmentalize creativity to one area or industry and seek creative inspiration in everything we’re exposed to. From music and fashion to art and nature, we are constantly searching for new content and ideas through unlikely sources.

To kick-off our very first “Riot Vibes”, we give you Drake and Rihanna. Specifically, Drake and Rihanna in perfectly coordinated lilac outfits. The talented “couple” provide us with heaps of inspiration and as the week goes on you’ll understand why. But today, we’ve updated our website to match and celebrate the two megastars that are currently making a major impact on our creativity.

What would Drake and Rihanna do...

We get really excited when artists (in this case, Drake & Riri) challenge the status quo with their music, ideas, style and opinions. Observing creatives with massive platforms do something shocking with intention always motivates us to work outside of our comfort zone. Here are a few occasions when Drake and Rihanna inspired us, and the rest of the world, to be authentic and bold:


Rihanna inspired tote bag

Every week we'll be launching a #RIOTVIBES inspired product. This week, we give you the werk tote which pays homage to Drake and Rihanna's recent music collaboration. Take your werk tote to your job or the gym and get your hustle on. 


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One of our very first goals in building the Creative Riot brand was to collaborate with Phoenix based film maker, Ale Vidal on a short video about our brand. From the get-go, we had a clear vision, defined aesthetic and knew that the best medium and person to illustrate our brand values would be a film directed by Ale. Upon meeting, we instantly clicked and she quickly interpreted our abstract ideas and thoughts into an organized storyboard and schedule. Ale gathered a team of expert stylists, assistants, photographers and editors to execute our film - it was clear that she cared about our goals and her reputation preceded her. 

We shot the video in about five hours on a Saturday at Fawn DeViney's studio in Phoenix. Fawn was also an integral part of the success of this project. She is a brilliant stylist and photographer whose taste and energy elevate just about everything. We spent the morning playing with paint and magazines while dancing to Hotline Bling by Drake. The collaboration was organic and fun and we left feeling confident and excited about our first big investment in our small business. 

Everything was considered and facilitated by Ale and her team. From the music and studio space to set props and editing, all of the details were handled seamlessly and professionally. We are beyond excited to share this collaboration and so thankful to Ale, Fawn and everyone else involved in making this a success. 

Thank you and enjoy!


I am so excited that Lindsay is designing my wedding materials. Levi (fiancé) and I want everything to look fresh, modern and gold all over. We're struggling with planning a wedding that feels more New Year's Eve and less bridal shower but Lindsay totally gets the vision and vibe that we're after. As you can see from the save-the-date she designed, Lindsay perfectly captured our idea and theme. Looking forward to working on the actual invitation!


Here are a few preliminary logo options we provided Sara Gove Photography. We wanted to provide her with a variety of different options that were modern and timeless that didn't narrow her niche as a photographer. You can see her moodboard here and follow the project here. Stay tuned!


Creative Riot designed their very own gift wrap to make gift-giving a little more special this year. Here's what's on our holiday wish list this year...

No. 1

Pantone Matching System swatch books are an essential tool for every designer. We've got our eye on the Color Bridge Uncoated & Coated system with over 600 new colors.

No. 2

How cool is this Instax Printer from Photojojo that prints photos from your mobile phone instantly.


The Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Tablet from Apple will be great for sketching out ideas and logos, creating custom handwritten fonts, and illustrating designs.

No. 4

Communication Arts 1-year subscription is a great gift for creatives with access to exclusive online content, iPad editions of the design annuals and the monthly magazine will keep us inspired all year round.


Mood Board for Sara Gove Photography

We are so excited to announce that we are collaborating with Sara Gove, a Chicago based photographer with remarkable talent. Sara has a natural artistic vision and photographs anything from family photos, to senior portraits, to artsy environmental scenes.

Creative Riot will be branding Sara Gove Photography and we've started with a simple mood board (above) to express our vision for bringing her brand to life. We'll be working on a logo in the next week and revising the color palette just a bit by adding some darker tones to appeal to both a male and female gender audience.   

In addition, Sara will be providing some awesome "urban vibes" photography for the Creative Riot store (coming soon). Make sure to check back to see her work once the store opens! Continue to follow Sara Gove Photography's branding process here.


Here are a few preliminary logo options we provided Sarah Grindle, maker of The Woven. You can see her moodboard here and follow the project here. She's loving many of the options and based on feedback, we're going to push the logos a bit farther and make some small revisions to give the brand a logo that truly represents Sarah as an artist. Stay tuned!