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News from Creative Riot



One of our very first goals in building the Creative Riot brand was to collaborate with Phoenix based film maker, Ale Vidal on a short video about our brand. From the get-go, we had a clear vision, defined aesthetic and knew that the best medium and person to illustrate our brand values would be a film directed by Ale. Upon meeting, we instantly clicked and she quickly interpreted our abstract ideas and thoughts into an organized storyboard and schedule. Ale gathered a team of expert stylists, assistants, photographers and editors to execute our film - it was clear that she cared about our goals and her reputation preceded her. 

We shot the video in about five hours on a Saturday at Fawn DeViney's studio in Phoenix. Fawn was also an integral part of the success of this project. She is a brilliant stylist and photographer whose taste and energy elevate just about everything. We spent the morning playing with paint and magazines while dancing to Hotline Bling by Drake. The collaboration was organic and fun and we left feeling confident and excited about our first big investment in our small business. 

Everything was considered and facilitated by Ale and her team. From the music and studio space to set props and editing, all of the details were handled seamlessly and professionally. We are beyond excited to share this collaboration and so thankful to Ale, Fawn and everyone else involved in making this a success. 

Thank you and enjoy!