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We’re excited to announce our latest passion project we call Riot Vibes.

Riot Vibes is a weekly editorial feature that will highlight our diverse collection of inspirations. We make a valiant effort to not compartmentalize creativity to one area or industry and seek creative inspiration in everything we’re exposed to. From music and fashion to art and nature, we are constantly searching for new content and ideas through unlikely sources.

To kick-off our very first “Riot Vibes”, we give you Drake and Rihanna. Specifically, Drake and Rihanna in perfectly coordinated lilac outfits. The talented “couple” provide us with heaps of inspiration and as the week goes on you’ll understand why. But today, we’ve updated our website to match and celebrate the two megastars that are currently making a major impact on our creativity.

What would Drake and Rihanna do...

We get really excited when artists (in this case, Drake & Riri) challenge the status quo with their music, ideas, style and opinions. Observing creatives with massive platforms do something shocking with intention always motivates us to work outside of our comfort zone. Here are a few occasions when Drake and Rihanna inspired us, and the rest of the world, to be authentic and bold:


Rihanna inspired tote bag

Every week we'll be launching a #RIOTVIBES inspired product. This week, we give you the werk tote which pays homage to Drake and Rihanna's recent music collaboration. Take your werk tote to your job or the gym and get your hustle on. 


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