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Creative Riot Top 12 Gifts


Tis the season to spend! We’ve started our holiday shopping for all of the creative ladies in our lives and we’re excited to share some of our favorite finds with you. From one-of-a-kind paintings (you can actually afford) to the chicest pink lighter you’ll find on the internet. We’ve got all the hip chicks you need to buy for covered. Explore our 12 top gifts below.



  1. For all of the feelers, dreamers, movers and shakers: Creative Riot's Crystal Kit
  2. For your friends who love 80s nostalgia : What’s your damage shirt by Rose Hound Apparel  
  3. For the art snobs who want something custom but they're on a budget: Painting by Jean Smith
  4. For the lady who pays close attention to detail: Norman Copenhagen Notebooks
  5. For the quirky friend with eclectic taste: Ceramics by Laurie Melia
  6. For the babe who loves a bold statement accessory: Picasso Palette earrings by Lizzie Fortunato
  7. For the crafter in your life: Custom Paper Cuts
  8. For the aspiring psychic: Tarot Cards by The Dreslyn
  9. For the sophisticated friend with an elaborate book collection: John Derian Picture book
  10. For the bad bitch in your crew: Pink Lighter from Poketo
  11. For every lady boss you know: Booze
  12. For the chick you don’t know very well but HAVE to buy a gift for: Aroma diffuser by Mujji
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