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10 Essential Questions To Ask Your Client Before You Collaborate


We work with a diverse range of clients who have a diverse range of needs but regardless of the scope of work they request we always ask them the same 10 questions before we start their project. Our “brand questionnaire” was designed to help clients clarify their expectations, goals and expose areas of strengths and weaknesses. You’d be surprised by the amount of clients we’ve encountered that struggle with defining their aesthetic preferences, competitors, and general brand values. We insist that all of our clients participate in this exercise because it brings them a huge amount of awareness and informs us of how much work we really need to do.

For example, if a client doesn’t know who their demographic is or who their competitors are, that means we have to do/collaborate on the market research or we need to table the project to give the client more time to define their goals. The better a client understands their objectives, the smoother the project will go. Here are our 10 essential questions we ask every client before we start a project.


1. Why does your brand exist?

Defining the "why" of your brand is the most important fundamental fact of your business to understand because this is what consumers connect with most. If both your brand and your consumer connect to the brand's purpose (the why), you're more likely to create a brand loyalist that will keep coming back to support, purchase from or hire you.

2. How is your brand unique?

Defining your point of difference is essential in helping your brand stand apart from your competitors. What can you offer that no one else can? This question will help guide a client in making important decisions in their offerings, products and services.

3. What does your brand offer and/or sell?

What products and services do you offer? Many brands that are just starting out find it challenging to clearly define their offerings. Knowing what a brand offers and sells is essential to your branding process. 

4. If your brand was a person, who would it be?

A brand is like a living person - always evolving, and communicating with it's consumers. Asking this question helps put a visual representation to the brand.

5. What are 6 adjectives to best describe your brand?

These 6 adjectives will make up your brand tone and brand voice. When we're developing copy, design, and color palette, we reference these brand tone words to ensure everything we create is cohesive.. 

6. Who is your target customer?

Who is your brand trying to connect with? What are their beliefs and values? These questions are important in understanding how and where you are going to connect with them.

7. Who are your brand's competitors?

It's important to define your competitors to give you insight into your industry.

8. What are your competitor's strengths and weaknesses?

Analyzing your competitor's strengths and weaknesses can guide your business decisions to help your brand stand out from your competitors.

9. What are your long term goals?

Understanding where your brand wants to be in 5-10 years, allows us to think ahead and provide a foundation that can evolve with your long term goals. Goals can provide a path for your business and help manage priorities.

10. How do you want your customer to feel when they see your brand visuals (logo, social media, website)?

Answering this question can help direct the designs and colors we'll create for your brand. Do you want your audience to feel calm and understood, or maybe you want them to feel like a strong bad ass, or maybe you want them to feel empowered and inspired.


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